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Beautiful Soul! A session with Bev is an illuminating experience of awareness that is always fueled by love. So grateful for her work in the world!
Amazing Rewarding Work Bev is fantastic. I felt so relieved and inspired after we met. If you're considering an appointment, don't wait, it really will help you in whatever you need.
Best Intuitive Ever! I try as best I can to listen to my own guidance and intuition on a daily basis. Bev is the one I reach out to when I am feeling stuck, though. Bev possesses a staggering degree of insight into the intricacies of my life and a way of communicating about such things in a way that's very accurate and also loving and humorous. Most times I find myself greatly comforted by her wisdom, and often times the magnitude of her wisdom is not revealed to me until situations in my life play out into the next several months, at which time her insights make absolute and perfect sense. She is truly gifted and it's really fun to go and have a light dialogue.
Ever so grateful. A session with Bev is like sitting in a comfy chair in flannel jammies by a warm fire with a mug of peppermint tea; enveloped in a bubble of warmth and love and positive energy that carries on after we say goodbye. I always feel affirmed, thankful, and more reflective after. Her insight helps me move through “stuck places” for which I am ever so grateful. May peace be with you.
Carol Thompson
Bev Changed My Life I first met Bev for a Light Dialogue in 1997. That meeting changed my life in the happiest of ways; it confirmed what I had hoped was the truth: that there is more to life than what we think we know. Bev also helped me gain freedom from unrelenting grief of losing my mother. Bev's understanding of human conditions and her ability to share spiritual solutions for personal and spiritual growth is a gift beyond measure. Bev's practical advice and deep, loving intuition has helped me, my family and friends gain insights that led us to better understand how to make the most of our lives through knowing that despite life's challenges, All is Well... always. Love is always the answer, and Bev shows that to me in every meeting we share.
Molly Welch
reading Bev is an amazing much she gave in a short period of time. I will be digesting and taking it in for days. I listen to the recording every day.
Testimonial Bev Martin is simply incredible. She offers accessible wise wisdom in a way that not only provides reassurance, insight, clarity and direction, but also in a way that is extremely loving, kind-hearted with a sprinkle of good humour. In moments when you wonder what next? Bev gives you the wisdom to look inside yourself for the answers. I always feel uplifted, supported and held during our sessions. Invaluable! Thank you for the inspiration!
Susan Howard
Bev is the Real Deal I first saw Bev when my husband died unexpectedly in 2006. I have seen her a few times since and taken a few of her classes - she is an amazing healer and my life has definitely been enlightened by her clear and meaningful guidance. We are fortunate to have her here in the Portland area.
Wonderful help I’ve had three readings with Bev, and all three have left me feeling more peaceful and confident. Bev is gentle, kind, and caring as she shares information. I feel more empowered after the reading without any negative feelings about myself. Bev is wise and gifted and I appreciate her being there when I want the extra guidance.
Michael C
Great Reading I had a phone reading with Bev and it was outstanding. Bev could feel my energy and understand me so well. Her insights were remarkable.
There is value in confirming I have used psychics for many years, and have experienced good ones and not good ones. I do not consult Bev so much as to 'learn the future (to some extent , yes), but I talk with her when there is a situation around me which has me baffled. Often when I am involved and flustered, I get my own evaluations, but emotions can influence those. Bev tells me her take on the situation, and often she is confirming my evaluation, and then she can elaborate on those plus add additional information and suggestions. Sometimes the images she receives are just so helpful in defining what is going on. Her style is different than many psychics,but it is a style that serves me well.
Meg D
Career and Life Coach--She's the Best! I've known Bev for years. She is incredibly delightful, kind, witty, and insightful. For the last eight months, she's been coaching me on reviving my career, which had been put on hold for many years. In the time I've worked with Bev, I've more than doubled my income, she's helped me uncover some deeply held beliefs that were getting in my way and also helped me examine and dismiss those beliefs, and gained several new clients. I'll be working with her for the foreseeable future and can't recommend her highly enough.
Jean Jacobi
Clarity through presence and kindness I am a Certified Professional Coach and a past NLP student of Bev's. I reached out to Bev for her help in processing changes my family is going through due to my daughter's critical illness. Bev's deep and present listening and ability to ask helpful questions without imposing an intervention allows me to discover for myself the meaning behind my path and my process - behind all I am experiencing. Bev's kind, respectful and loving approach is helping me understand this "predicament" and how I am "showing up" at a very deep level. I am becoming more aware of and appreciative of my own process and thusly more grateful and gentle with myself. I am experiencing more clarity on where I am placing my energy. I am grateful to Bev and for Bev and, without reservation, wholeheartedly recommend Bev's services!
Unstuck Every time I come in too see Bev it is because I am stuck in an area of my life that I can't seem to resolve on my own. With gentleness and sight Bev is able to get to the root cause and help me find a way through. I so appreciate her help.