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Michael C
Great Reading I had a phone reading with Bev and it was outstanding. Bev could feel my energy and understand me so well. Her insights were remarkable.
Sue D
Genius Book Project Take one intuitive, brilliant Bev Martin, add one author with ideas swirling, put them together and let them brainstorm, and what you end up with is Genius. Genius Project, to be exact. My first book was conceived in Bev’s office in Portland, years ago, face-to-face in person as she asked questions and it revealed itself from within me. My next book just came through Zoom sessions, face-to-face via computer, dreaming itself aloud into existence. It was the next best thing to being there, and I didn’t have to get on a plane, rent a car and find a hotel room. Now I have my concept, direction, vision, and a head start on the writing process to present my book proposal on the East Coast in September. Genius. Pure Genius. Thank you, Bev!
Donna K
THE BEST EVER! I have known Bev for many years as an NLP teacher and then as a consultant to my life and life work. She is teaches me so much about myself and my wholeness and I am so very grateful she is in my life! Thank You Bev!
Jennifer G
Affirmation Several weeks ago I came for a visit. Not sure why, but I could not find the link to do this until today. The reality that you create for yourself, or that you allow others to help you create, sometimes is shrouded with fear and insecurities. Your's and everyones. Our brain takes over our heart and messes with the truth that is in our heart, our truth. There is so much interference today to jumble your heart to the actions of the mind and the noise is all around us. Sitting with Bev is the affirmation and confirmation that your heart is right because of the message she gives you is only of love. Sometimes you know it, but to have her listen to your guides and deliver that message with such care, helps un-jumble and give you the words to articulate, not only to yourself but to those that mean so much. Bev, thank you for the words, message and confirmation of intent and absolute love.
Aaron J
A much welcomed friend Bev provides a wonderful service offering guidance with the compassion of a dear friend. I consider myself very lucky to have found her to work with.
Marsha M
Gentle Guidance to Inner Wisdom The experience of working with Bev is like a gentle wave that consistently moves me forward in my life. Her insightful questions lead me inward where I am able to find the answers to my most pressing questions. I love working with Bev and I love the results. Thank you Bev!
Jean Jacobi
Clarity through presence and kindness I am a Certified Professional Coach and a past NLP student of Bev's. I reached out to Bev for her help in processing changes my family is going through due to my daughter's critical illness. Bev's deep and present listening and ability to ask helpful questions without imposing an intervention allows me to discover for myself the meaning behind my path and my process - behind all I am experiencing. Bev's kind, respectful and loving approach is helping me understand this "predicament" and how I am "showing up" at a very deep level. I am becoming more aware of and appreciative of my own process and thusly more grateful and gentle with myself. I am experiencing more clarity on where I am placing my energy. I am grateful to Bev and for Bev and, without reservation, wholeheartedly recommend Bev's services!
Tom S
Superb Time with Bev in an intuitive session is a lifetime gift to one's self - a true soul treat! I see her 3-4 times a year and my Spirit always leaves her office feeling loved and soothed.
Victoria S
Clarity always! Review of Virtual Bev I have found talking with Bev Martin to be so helpful in navigating clarity to feelings, thoughts,intuitions etc. so that I can continue moving forward. She is so loving and kind and has a special way of helping me see clearly the next steps. Thank you Bev! Your the best!!!
Unstuck Every time I come in too see Bev it is because I am stuck in an area of my life that I can't seem to resolve on my own. With gentleness and sight Bev is able to get to the root cause and help me find a way through. I so appreciate her help.